The CKS Advantage

If you own a rental home and are looking for a professional property management company, look no further!

Using a property management company to handle the difficulties involved with being a “do-it-yourself” property owner can be a wise decision. Finding responsible tenants, collecting rent, dealing with maintenance and other tough situations like evictions is rarely easy.

In fact, if it is easy, it usually means the property owner is leaving money on the table. Many owners struggle with rent adjustments in fear of losing their tenant – not so with CKS! We can provide you with answers and ideas on issues you may have encountered without a property manager's guidance and insight.

What makes us stand above the rest?:

  • Proprietary Cloud Technology - means 25% lower management fee making it self-funding!
  • Communication - allows property owners instant access to CKS team members and 24/7 account information.
  • Owner Control - authorize activity on your property at your desired level.
  • Tenant Recruitment - means 50% faster placement with qualified tenants.
  • Vendor Loyalty Program - saves you legal, maintenance and emergency service costs.

Simply contact us to learn more about our unique approach and exchange some ideas.

We’re a resource for you!

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  • South Riverside Region (951) 297-3548
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