Property Management in Rolando, CA

CKS property management service are available in Rolando

Rolando is a community in the Mid-City area of San Diego. It is located near La Mesa, Talmadge and Oak Park. Interstate-8 sits to the north of Rolando and Highway 94 to the south. The community is divided into two sections: Rolando Village and Rolando Park.

Residents of Rolando are serviced by the San Diego Unified School District. Schools in the area include Henry Clay Elementary School and Rolando Park Elementary School.

Rolando is home to multiple community parks with the most popular being Clay Park. Clay Park consists of large grass areas, dog-friendly zones, playgrounds and paths for exercise.

Some of the most popular community events include the Rolando Summer Concerts, Rolando Holiday Party, Rolando Night Out and Rolando Street Fair. The street fair includes great music, food and a variety of craft vendors.

Residents have access to public transportation through multiple bus lines that pass through the community.

CKS Companywide Description: 

CKS Property Management's customer-oriented attitude shines through in large part due to our continuous effort to provide personalized service to our property owners and tenants. Attention to detail, pride in every property and expense control are part of the philosophy established to insure that a property owner gets the maximum return on every dollar spent. We are not a sales office that provides management services "out the back door." Property management is our only business. 

There are many qualities and skills that go into providing excellent property management services; professional-integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy to name a few. That said, CKS Property Management is the fastest growing property management company in the Southern California area. 

Our experience gives us expertise in local rent structures, lease agreements, maintenance needs, insurance requirements and landlord/tenant law, Civil Code §1940-1954.1 

When searching for a company to provide property management services, you want to find a company that can handle it all.  Our staff of qualified professionals offers a variety of services and is devoted to providing a team-based, hands-on approach to meet the needs of any situation. Our successful management is achieved by utilizing our proprietary cloud technology, which allows CKS Property Management to put the personal contact back into the property management process. By developing a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of both the owner and the tenant, and efficiently managing this information is what sets CKS Property Management apart.  

Get Connected: 

When you “get connected” with CKS Property Management for management services on your rental property, you will receive immediate access to your rental property information and CKS Property Management team members. CKS Property Management is devised to provide a team-based approach, which stays acquainted with your property and enables you to stay informed. By utilizing CKS Property Management services, you will be able to find easy-to-read financial account information all around the clock. You will have control over the property management process to the extent you prefer. When you get involved with CKS Property Management you benefit from our vendor loyalty program, which reduces cost when maintenance is needed to protect your property, keeping your rental property filled and your owner-tenant relationship a strong one. Benefits of connecting with CKS Property Management include having access to our property management services when dealing with all legal aspects of managing tenants and keeping your property in top condition. 

CKS Property Management takes pride in servicing its property owners in the following specific areas:

Communication – CKS Property Management utilizes proprietary software, PropertyStat™, allowing property owners 24/7 access to CKS Property Management team members, inbound notifications, financial reports and a variety of other documents.  Lack of communication is one of the top reasons property owners feel dissatisfied with property management services companies. Additionally, CKS Property Management also understands the importance of open and regular communication with tenants, vendor partners, Home Owner Associations and banking partners.  

Control – With CKS Property Management, the property owner is in control and brought into the decision making process at their desired level.  Many property owners prefer to hand it all over to us while others like to be involved along the way from tenant approval to minor maintenance decisions. Whatever level of control you chose, our property management services are available to you. 

Cost Containment – Centered around a vendor loyalty program, risk aversion, preventive maintenance, compliance with all property codes and safety laws, and avoiding costly lawsuits and legal problems is where CKS Property Management service pays for itself.  Our vendor loyalty program is designed to pass cost savings through to the property owner. Whether it’s yard maintenance, plumbing problems, legal advice including eviction services, or larger refurbishment projects necessary to get a property back on the rental market, CKS Property Management gets it done quickly and less expensively.  

Maximum Cash Flow – CKS Property Management services is set up to increase cash flow for property owners. In order to attain this, minimizing the costs related to renting your property mist be effectively combined with maximizing your property’s rental rate. Our conduction of competitive market analysis (CMA) on your rental property enables us to determine the best rental rate based on the location of your rental property. At the same time, we apply our cost containment measures, which allow CKS Property Management to maximize your return on investment. Reducing tenant vacancy is one of the primary factors in maximizing property owner cash flow. Between quickly returning a desirable property to the rental market, properly assessing the property’s rental rate and the use of an effective tenant placement program, CKS Property Management is able to maximize cash flow for our clients.