Property Management in Del Mar, CA

CKS property management service are available in Del Mar

Del Mar, a historic beach city located in San Diego, has been home to stars since the early Hollywood years, as well as fans of beautiful beaches and exciting attractions. Located south of Solana Beach and west of Del Mar Heights, Del Mar resides along a stretch of gorgeous Pacific coastline.

The Del Mar Fairgrounds, home to the Del Mar Races and San Diego County Fair, along with a variety of delicious cuisine, local shops and remarkable hotels makes Del Mar a lively city. The Del Mar Taste & Art Stroll features local restaurants and artists and live music, making it the perfect event for families.

Del Mar is conveniently located nearby some of San Diego’s most popular attractions including Sea World, Legoland and San Diego Zoo.

Residents and visitors of Del Mar can experience various outdoor activities such as surfing, fishing, nature walks, hikes, golf, tennis and horseback riding. Del Mar is located near Torrey Pines Golf Course, San Dieguito Lagoon, Torrey Pines Nature Reserve, and Del Mar Mesa Ranch, making it the perfect city to live for nearly anyone.

Del Mar’s sunny climate, historic roots, beach town atmosphere and luxurious qualities make it one of San Diego’s most desired cities.

CKS Companywide Description: 

Property owners and tenants receive dedicated and personalized service as a result of CKS Property Management’s customer-oriented approach. We have established a philosophy that highly values taking pride in every property, paying strict attention to detail and cost containment to assure property owners that they will receive maximum return on every dollar spent. We are solely committed to offering high quality property management services. 

Some skills and qualities that play a major role in providing exceptional property management services include in-depth community and market knowledge, professional integrity and marketing ability. In the Southern California region, CKS Property Management is the fastest growing property management company. 

Our experience gives us expertise in lease agreements, insurance requirements, maintenance needs, local rent structures and landlord/tenant law, Civil Code §1940-1954.1 

When looking for a property management company, it is important to find a company whose services handle all of your needs. Designed around a team-based, hands-on approach, CKS Property Management is staffed with qualified professionals who offer a variety of services able to meet the needs of any circumstance. We are able to provide successful management through our proprietary cloud technology, which enables CKS Property Management to offer personal contact throughout the property management process. CKS Property Management stands out as a result of our ability to acquire detailed knowledge of owner and tenant wants and needs, along with our effective management of this information. 

Get Connected: 

“Get connected” with CKS Property Management for your rental property management services and get instant access to CKS Property Management team members and your rental property information. We have a team approach at CKS Property Management that is designed to be familiar with your property and keep you informed. You are in control of the property management process at your desired level. By being connected with CKS Property Management you have access 24/7 to easy-to-read financial account information. When you are connected to CKS Property Management you benefit from our vendor loyalty program, which cuts cost when maintenance is required to protect your property keeping your tenant satisfied and your rental property occupied. By being connected with CKS Property Management you benefit from all of our property management services including handling all of the legal aspects of dealing with tenants and maintaining your property. 

CKS Property Management takes pride in servicing its property owners in the following specific areas: 

Communication – CKS Property Management utilizes proprietary software, PropertyStat™, allowing property owners 24/7 access to CKS Property Management team members, inbound notifications, financial reports and a variety of other documents.  Lack of communication is one of the top reasons property owners feel dissatisfied with property management services companies. Additionally, CKS Property Management also understands the importance of open and regular communication with tenants, vendor partners, Home Owner Associations and banking partners.  

Owner Control – CKS Property Management enables the property owner to be in control and involves them in the decision making process to the extent that they request. Many property owners desire that we handle everything while others are interested in making decisions on issues from routine maintenance evaluations to tenant approval. Our property management services are offered to you, regardless of the amount of control you wish to have. 

Expense Control – CKS Property Management prides themselves on their ability to quickly and inexpensively assist with plumbing issues, yard maintenance, legal advice including eviction services, or larger refurbishment projects necessary to get a property back on the rental market. CKS Property Management service pays for itself through a variety of advantages such as a vendor loyalty program, preventative maintenance, compliance with all property codes and safety laws, risk aversion and avoiding costly lawsuits and legal problems. CKS Property Management services are set up to create cost savings for the property owner. 

Return on Investment – CKS Property Management services provide maximum return on investment for property owners. This is achieved through a mixture of minimizing the costs associated with renting your property and maximizing the rental rate of your property. We are able to find the best rental rate inside the community your property is located through conducting competitive market analysis (CMA) on your rental property. CKS Property Management successfully maximizes your return on investment by concurrently applying our cost containment measures. Reduced tenant vacancy plays a major role in property owner return on investment. The system for maximizing return on investment for our clients includes reduced tenant vacancy, an accurate evaluation of the property’s rental rate, quickly returning a desirable property to the rental market and an efficient tenant placement program.