Property Management in Del Sur, CA

CKS property management service are available in Del Sur

The community of Del Sur is located in San Diego County near Rancho Santa Fe and 4S Ranch. Del Sur is conveniently located next to Interstate-15, Interstate-5 and Highway 56, which allows its residents to have easy access to local beach communities and popular San Diego activities such as the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Legoland. Del Sur is positioned in the open hills overlooking Rancho Santa Fe.

Del Sur is a neighborhood-style community with a total of nine neighborhoods, each with a local park. These parks offer picnic tables, swimming pools and play areas for children. Residents also have access to 1,000 acres above Rancho Santa Fe and an 18-mile stretch of trails connected to Black Mountain Open Space Park. This open space is ideal for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking.

Del Sur’s tightknit community atmosphere is demonstrated through their offering of youth and adult clubs.

Residents of the Del Sur community operate under the Poway Unified School District. Three top rated schools include Del Sur Elementary, Oak Valley Middle School and Del Norte High School.

The Del Sur community plans to continue its growth by increasing the number of neighborhood parks to 13, adding a school and building a town center that will include various shops, professional services and restaurants.

Get Connected: 

“Get connected” with CKS Property Management for your rental property management services and get instant access to CKS Property Management team members and your rental property information. We have a team approach at CKS Property Management that is designed to be familiar with your property and keep you informed. You are in control of the property management process at your desired level. By being connected with CKS Property Management you have access 24/7 to easy-to-read financial account information. When you are connected to CKS Property Management you benefit from our vendor loyalty program, which cuts cost when maintenance is required to protect your property keeping your tenant satisfied and your rental property occupied. By being connected with CKS Property Management you benefit from all of our property management services including handling all of the legal aspects of dealing with tenants and maintaining your property. 

CKS Property Management takes pride in servicing its property owners in the following specific areas: 

Frequent Communication – Property owners are given access to financial reports, inbound notifications, CKS Property Management team members, and a variety of other documents as a result of CKS Property Management’s use of PropertyStat™, a proprietary software. Property owners often become displeased with property management services because of a lack of communication. CKS Property Management is aware that continual communication with vendor partners, tenants, banking partners and Home Owner Associations is of high value. 

Property Owner Control – At CKS Property Management, we give complete control to the property owner and they are included in the decision making process at the level they prefer. Some property owners choose to be involved in making minor maintenance decisions and tenant approval; however, most owners favor that we handle everything. Our property management services are made available to you no matter how involved you want to be.  

Cost Containment – Centered around a vendor loyalty program, risk aversion, preventive maintenance, compliance with all property codes and safety laws, and avoiding costly lawsuits and legal problems is where CKS Property Management service pays for itself.  Our vendor loyalty program is designed to pass cost savings through to the property owner. Whether it’s yard maintenance, plumbing problems, legal advice including eviction services, or larger refurbishment projects necessary to get a property back on the rental market, CKS Property Management gets it done quickly and less expensively.  

Maximum Cash Flow – CKS Property Management services is set up to increase cash flow for property owners. In order to attain this, minimizing the costs related to renting your property mist be effectively combined with maximizing your property’s rental rate. Our conduction of competitive market analysis (CMA) on your rental property enables us to determine the best rental rate based on the location of your rental property. At the same time, we apply our cost containment measures, which allow CKS Property Management to maximize your return on investment. Reducing tenant vacancy is one of the primary factors in maximizing property owner cash flow. Between quickly returning a desirable property to the rental market, properly assessing the property’s rental rate and the use of an effective tenant placement program, CKS Property Management is able to maximize cash flow for our clients.